Do more than upskill.

Uplevel your team.

Spark innovation and grow from within as you ready your team for the future of business.

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How we’re different

Strategic, illuminating, and unabashedly transformative, Section4 for Companies will change the way you think about learning and planning.

Top professors and industry leaders

At Section4, your employees will learn from award-winning professors about topics that actually matter in today's rapidly changing business environment.

Meet our professors

What’s a sprint?

Sprints are condensed, immediately applicable two- to three-week online courses taught by top business school professors and internationally recognized thought leaders.

Fast, fun format

Designed to maximize employee engagement and participation, using a flexible, hybrid format that works with your team's busy schedule.

Quality over quantity

Our courses include two-to-three hours of high-quality video, not 20-30 hours of so-so video. Courses include two live lectures - one with the professor and one with an industry thought leader.

Leave with a plan

Homework assignments lead directly to business innovation. A final project helps employees flex their mental muscles and apply what they've learned to real company challenges.

One amazing community

Collaborate with the best in business. Our network brings together professionals from across industries to solve problems, share ideas, and grow together.

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Why sprint with Section4?

Invest in your people

Empower your team to do their best work. Provide them with the time, tools and network to become world-class in their roles.


Sprints are an excellent team-building opportunity for functional and leadership teams, especially in today's virtual environment.

Speak the 
same language

Develop a shared language for the strategies that drive value today and leave with the tools to teach these strategies inside your organization.

Create a plan for change

Spearhead key initiatives or strategic efforts to drive change within your company, department, or team.

Streamline collaboration

Collaborate with cross-functional teams across the country and around the world to build out-of-the-box solutions and customer experiences.

Track success

Easily track participation, video viewership, and project completion rates. Section4 has one of the highest completion rates and Net Promoter Scores in the industry.

World-class support

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Video lessons and case studies
Lessons from top business school professors
Vibrant community
Personalized team onboarding
Dedicated account manager
Solution-design process
Engagement reporting
Rebeka Tannenbaum
VP of Strategy

“The brand and product sprints have given us a shared language to talk about our product and brand. The frameworks give us a way to analyze our products to make sure we’re continuously striving to innovate.”

John Moloney
Chief Commercial Officer
Bose Corporation

“The frameworks in the sprint were highly relevant and the content was usable for the team immediately.”


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