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The Product Experimentation Sprint

Boost Success Through Experimentation

Professor and author Karan Girotra teaches you strategies to de-risk new initiatives, whether you’re launching a new product or implementing a new idea. 

April 18 - May 3, 2022
2-week sprint plus Section4 Membership
Prof. Karan Girotra

What you'll learn

Join the two-week intensive Section4
Product Experimentation Sprint, where you will:

Determine when and why de-risking is necessary
Deconstruct your product into sources of risk and uncertainty
Prioritize key risks based on importance and degree of doubt 
Learn how and when to use pilots and prototypes
Apply seven design rules to increase efficacy of experiments
Perform tasks in a risk-reducing sequence while also respecting feasibility constraints

Meet your professor


Karan Girotra is an award-winning Professor of Operations, Technology and Information Management (OTIM) in the Johnson School and at Cornell Tech at Cornell University and was featured in Poets and Quants’ 40 under 40 best business professors list.

In addition to his academic work, Karan was one of the founders of Terrapass Inc., which the New York Times identified as one of the most noteworthy ideas of 2005. Since then, Terrapass has helped businesses and individuals reduce over hundred million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Karan has consulted with multiple Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, Google, and Johnson & Johnson. His students have gone on to found more than 50 venture-backed companies. His book, The Risk-Driven Business Model, is one of the best-performing books dedicated to business model construction and strategy.

Who will benefit?

Senior leaders

Any senior decision maker looking to build new business ventures within the constraints of a large organization.

Product managers

PMs will learn to assess feasibility, viability, and desirability of a product before investing a team's resources.

Entre- or "intra"preneurs

Build your own venture, or one within your company, through the application of a rigorous de-risking methodology.


What sprinters are saying

See what professionals from 60-plus countries are saying about Section4 on LinkedIn.

Mike Borre
Senior Product Manager

"Highly recommend for anyone who regularly deals with uncertainty and high risk product or venture launches"

René Insam
Morgan Stanley

"I recommend this sprint to anyone who is working on new ventures, has to deal with high levels of ambiguity or uncertainty, or needs to convince key stakeholders of their idea."

Etienne moreau
Product Manager
Kimoby Pay

"Happy to have these frameworks in my tool belt for 2022."

Adam Monago
VP, Digital & Performance Marketing

"Professor Girotira offered a much needed, repeatable framework for risk decomposition and evaluating product experiments. Highly recommended!"

Stephen Spillicy
VP, Service Provider Marketing

"This Sprint has provided me with some fantastic new methods and approaches to making better products! De-risking products enables you to fail fast and validate your product strategy."

The Product Experimentation Sprint

Boost Success Through Experimentation

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April 18 - May 3, 2022

2-week sprint plus Section4 Membership

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Still have questions?

I work full-time. Do I have time to take this sprint?

We design sprints for the busy, full-time professional, but we also get that it can be tough to add yet another thing! One of our core features is flexibility: some students like to keep up day-to-day (expect to spend about 1-2 hours per module), others like to binge over a weekend. Whatever group you belong in, we’ve found that our alumni have been able to sustain this over the 2-3 week period.

Do I have to attend all of the live sessions in real-time?

You don’t! We record every live session with our professors and make it available for you to replay, at your convenience.

Can I purchase a sprint without a membership?

At Section4, we believe in continuous learning, so with every sprint you get complimentary access to live lectures with business thought leaders and a professional network to help you accelerate your growth. Not for you? You can cancel the membership at any time.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time and receive a full or partial refund based on whether you have taken the sprint. More questions about our refund policy? Visit our help center to get in touch.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Every student who completes their sprint receives a certificate of completion. Completing the sprint means watching all course content videos and completing the final project. You can print out the certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile — and feel free to tag @section4 when you share it.

So there’s homework then?

Not in the traditional sense. We provide a sprint workbook and facilitate community interaction, and you don’t have to participate — but we hope you will, as it really brings the materials to life. You’re also not obligated to complete the final project unless you’d like to qualify for a certificate.

Will my projects remain confidential?

Yes! Upon submission, simply flag it as confidential, and we will not share your project beyond the Section4 team.

Can I get the course fee reimbursed by my company?

We can’t guarantee your company will reimburse you, but nearly half of our alumni have reported successful reimbursements. Check out our tips on reimbursement for some positioning ideas and a sample email you can use.

Do you offer scholarships?

We sure do. Head on over to our scholarships page to learn more and to apply for a scholarship.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Visit our help center and we’ll take care of you!


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