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Learn from live lectures and video case studies with renowned professors and thought leaders.


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Join a community of like-minded professionals and take part in events where you exchange ideas and learn together.


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What's included


  • Access to one sprint of your choosing every 12 months
  • Additional sprints at a discounted rate of $500
  • Lectures and case studies, delivered on your schedule
  • 1:1 professional coaching from experienced thought partners
  • Curated connections to a network of like-minded peers
per year

Try membership risk-free for 14 days. See terms for details.

What’s a sprint?

Sprints are condensed, immediately applicable two- to three-week online courses taught by top business school professors and internationally recognized thought leaders.

Get reimbursed

Section4 membership may be partially or fully reimbursed by your company. To find out if you're covered, customize our email template to send to your manager, learning team, or HR team.

Upcoming membership events

Members get access to weekly events with thought leaders and other members on topics that matter.

Getting to Know Your Customers

with Professor Sara Beckman

vs. Overhyped

with Professor Scott Galloway

Numbers and Narratives

with Professor Aswath Damodaran

The Gauntlet

Ryanair vs. Spirit Airlines

Building Brand Love and Loyalty

with Julie Channing

Psychology Behind Winning Products

with Nir Eyal
Sneak peEk

Preview: Membership lectures

Marcus Collins, a Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and current SVP of Strategy for Weiden+Kennedy NY, discusses cultural contagion.

Still have questions?

What does Section4 Membership include?

Section4 offers two membership options: Standard Membership and Sprint Membership.

Standard Membership gives you year-round access to live lectures from professors and thought leaders, video case studies, professor Q&As, member-only community events, and our network of high-performing professionals.

Sprint Membership also includes access to one sprint of your choice every 12 months and additional sprints for a discounted rate of $500.

Which sprints can I take if I purchase the Sprint Membership?

When you purchase Sprint Membership, you’ll be prompted to select a sprint from our full catalog of sprints. The Sprint Membership includes access to 1 sprint of your choice every 12 months and additional sprints for a discounted rate of $500.

If I buy a sprint, do I get Section4 Membership automatically?

Yes, signing up for a sprint includes automatic access to Sprint Membership for one year from your purchase date, so you can keep learning and growing all year. Membership automatically renews annually.

Can I upgrade from the Standard Membership to the Sprint Membership?

Yes! You can upgrade from a Standard Membership to a Sprint Membership at any time for $750 -- the difference in price between the two memberships. If you upgrade to a Sprint Membership, your membership will then renew at the Sprint level annually on your original purchase date.

Can I purchase a Sprint Membership now and decide which sprint I want to take later?

If you don’t know which sprint you’d like to take, we recommend purchasing a Standard Membership and upgrading to the Sprint Membership once you know which sprint you’d like to take. You can upgrade at any time for $750, and we’ll be happy to help you out. 

Can I purchase a sprint without a membership?

At Section4, we believe in continuous learning, so every sprint comes with access to live lectures with business thought leaders and a professional network to accelerate your growth. Not for you? You can cancel the membership at any time.

Can I purchase membership on a monthly basis?

Not at this time. The Sprint Membership and Standard Membership are designed to provide value over the long term, so they both bill and renew annually.

What if I want to take a different sprint than the one I registered for?

We understand that life happens, and sometimes our schedules change. Feel free to reach out to us at to discuss your options.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel any time. To cancel your membership, please contact us at

Can I purchase a membership for someone as a gift?

Yes, you can purchase a membership for someone else! Please use the recipient's name and email address when making the purchase and contact for a copy of the receipt.

Can I be reimbursed for membership by my employer?

Many of our alums have successfully received reimbursement from their employer. For ideas on how to do it, visit our Reimbursement Tips page. 

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Visit our help center and we’ll take care of you!


What members are saying

Network with like-minded professionals from 60-plus countries.

Adam Deif
Head of Industry, Global Business Organization

"The Section4 Membership experience has been instrumental in continuing on my professional and personal journey.  As a curious and trusted business leader, S4 has given me the opportunity to continue to build my skills, experience and grow"

Robert Magliano
Director, Innovation & New Business Models

"The membership has been a great investment. Access to the content and classes allows me to continue learning about new topics in a guided, yet self-directed way."

Franceska Rolda
Growth Manager

"As a professional early in my career being able to tap into a gold mine like the Section4 community has been so helpful in shaping my perspective and building upon my skills."